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The goal of MMRN is to help advance the field of research with marine mammals in human care by establishing cooperative relationships between facilities and scientists
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For Facilities

If your facility is interested in conducting research (or more research), but is not sure how to go about it, MMRN offers free resources to help you expand your research goals.
MMRN Resources Include

Connection Service

We provide a Research Connection Service to match facilities and scientists with similar interests.

Research Training

Our Research Training Mentors can provide virtual consultations with your animal care specialists about training for research projects.

Science Communication

Our Science Communication Mentors can virtually consult with your marketing, membership, or education staff about how to frame research messaging and narrations.

Research Materials

We provide templates and other helpful materials relating to research contracts, to give you ideas for creating agreements between your facility and researchers.
Find out if the MMRN match up service is right for you by clicking below

Note that this process does not obligate you and any matched scientists to work together. It simply establishes contact between your facility and potential researchers based on shared interests, to pursue further conversation as you see fit.

For Researchers

If you are interested in collaborating with a certified/accredited zoological facility to conduct research with marine mammals, MMRN offers a free Research Connection Service to match scientists and facilities with similar interests.

Potential Research Topics

Cognition, behavior, physiology, welfare, biomechanics, growth, reproduction, technology development, methods calibration/validation, and more.
Researchers with dolphin
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Please note that such research is broadly non-invasive and each facility will have different regulations and policies regarding what types of research are permitted.
Find out if the MMRN match up service is right for you by clicking below

Note that this process does not obligate you and any matched facilities to work together. It simply establishes contact between you as a researcher and potential facilities based on shared interests, to pursue further conversation as you see fit.


We have had the privilege to work with several facilities that have formed the bedrock of much marine mammal research over many years.

It is these facilities that provide us with the highest benchmark from which we aim to build and develop further relationships with researchers, and to encourage other marine mammal facilities to participate in active research.

Read about our successful matches below
Aquarium Mar del Plata
"...Aquarium Mar del Plata [is] available to scientists, students and professionals interested in research activities concerning the whole marine envrionment." READ FULL TEXT »

- Adrian Faiella, DVM & Lic Mg Alejandro Saubidet, Scientific Director, Aquarium Mar del Plata
Dolphin Quest
"As pressures on wild marine mammals continue to accelerate, we need to double our efforts to better define these pressures and create innovative conservation solutions." READ FULL TEXT »

- Rae Stone, DVM & Jay Sweeney, VMD, Dolphin Quest
Loro Parque
"We believe it is essential to promote the scientific knowledge of the species under our care in order to improve the conservation actions of their wild counterparts." READ FULL TEXT »

- Dr. Javier Almunia, Director, Loro Parque Fundación
Nurnberg Zoo
"Research is important to better understand the needs of our animals and consequently to create habitats that guarantee animal welfare." READ FULL TEXT »

- Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen, Curator for Research and Conservation, Nürnberg Zoo
"Oceanogràfic’s marine mammals have participated in studies on acoustics, cognition, behavior, and physiological research which have provided vital information for conservation of their conspecifics in the wild." READ FULL TEXT »

- Dr. Audra Ames, Research Department, Oceanogràfic Valencia
Planete Sauvage
"Part of our research is devoted to better understand animals' needs and objectively evaluate their welfare. This scientifically dirven apprich benefits directly the animals living in both ex-situ and in-situ." READ FULL TEXT »

- Martin Boye, Scientific Director, Planete Sauvage
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